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Enhancing Lives/Managing Properties…

Artsen Realty offers property management services on both the Dutch and French side of the island, which include:

· Residential and vacation home management.

· Home remodeling services.

· Construction management.

Call Artsen Realty today to begin property management services for your real estate assets; Kennedy Artsen at (721) 580 5059 or email.

Convenient Services; Practical Purposes!

In today’s real estate market, owning property continues to be a wise investment. Artsen Realty provides the following services to make owning real estate on the Caribbean Islands convenient and profitable.

Collection of rental payments.

Collection of service charges.

Arrangements of all flat management functions and negotiation of contracts.

Lease renewals.

Supervision of construction work.

Supervision of contractors covering gardening, cleaning, and day-to-day management

Arranging refurbishment and repairs.

Regular site visits.

Communication with residents on all matters.

Dealing with assignment and notices.

Providing personal assistance within opening hours.

Providing a 24-hour emergency call service.

Estate management.

Our experienced team is dedicated to provide extraordinary service to enhance property values and quality of life. We are dedicated to customer service, the kind you’ll be compelled to tell your friends and family!

We’re available to discuss your property management needs, just give us a call, Kennedy Artsen at (721) 580 5059 or email.

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